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Aero’s Conestoga XP in Fargo

Aero’s Conestoga

Previous Next As a dealer of all Aero systems, we’re able to assist with any new or existing Conestoga system inquires you may have. Whether you need repair work on your current system or are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable company to install a new kit to your trailer, we’ve got you covered! Give…

The Original Hopper Tarp in Fargo

The Original Hopper Tarp

Previous Next Easy to attach bungee cord stitched into outer edge of cover Usable in stationary or transport position Velcro flap to secure dryness Flexible bows provide optimum water shed Superior tear, puncture, abrasion & low temperature performance Patented System! Patent Number 841406 The “Original” Hopper Tarp fits Westfield Low Profile, Harvest International A and H…


Repairs/Patching Materials

Previous Next Did you know that we actually started out as a tarp repair company before expanding into manufacturing our own tarps? Since 1983, we’ve used only the best materials and products while repairing your tarps and covers, and now you can buy your own for on the spot quick repairs! See our list of…

Electric Roll Tarp Systems in Fargo

Electric Roll Tarp Systems

Previous Next ROLL RITE® 550-GTX Roll·Rite® 550GTX dual arm power kit features patented knuckle-pivot with Rite-Lock™ technology for powering lock down tarps on Grain Trailers. The Roll·Rite® 550-GTX systems include the TarpStretcher® electric gear motor designed exclusively for side tarping. Kits include adjustable Universal mounting bracket to retrofit most any model grain trailer and our…

Cargo Control in Fargo

Cargo Control

Previous Next 1″ AND 2″ SELF CONTAINED RATCHET STRAPS Common Options: 1″ X 15′ Black S-Hook Wire Hook 2″ X 27′ Yellow Flat Hook Wire Hook 2″ X 30′ Yellow  Flat Hook Wire Hook Chain Extensions – Not Stocked IN STOCK OR CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR NEEDS Here are a few of the products that we…

Private: Boat Lift Canopies

Previous Next Industry Leader in Replacement Boat Lift Canopies We’re not trying to revolutionize the industry, we’re trying to build the best possible product by improving what’s already there. Using only the best materials and fabrics, all of our canopies are built 100% in house. We want our legacy to be building the best possible…

Tarp Tamers in Fargo

Tarp Tamers

Previous Next Tarp Tamers are a pair of cords made of nylon that permanently mounts to the sides of the truck or trailer and goes on top of our roll tarp. Installation only takes a few minutes. Tarp Tamers hold down the roll tarp when the wind catches your tarp during the rolling process, allowing…

Custom Boat and Pontoon Covers in Fargo

Custom Boat and Pontoon Covers

Previous Next CUSTOM FIT BOAT COVERS Previous Next CUSTOM FIT PONTOON SNAP-ON COVERS T.R.S. Custom Fabrics Division specializes in fabricating custom tarps for most any application. All of our custom boat covers are hand-crafted using high quality materials guaranteed to withstand years of use. We will ensure that you, our customer, are more than satisfied…

Construction & Refuse Tarp Systems in Fargo

Construction & Refuse Tarp Systems

Previous Next Below are links of some of the various construction and refuse tarp systems that we sell from some of the manufacturers of electric systems. Roll Rite Roll Off Tarps DC Series Roll Rite Dump and Specialty Truck Systems Roll Rite Trailer Tarp Systems Aero Industries Tarp Systems Agri-Cover, Inc. Pulltarps CONTACT