If you wanted a face with a name, here's the place to do it. Here is a list of our staff that works with customers on the phone and in person.

  • Rich Cossette - PresidentRich Cossette - President RichardC@trsindustries.comRich has been with T.R.S. Industries since it was established in 1983. He is also a sales associate and marketing manager. You will also find him at the trade shows that T.R.S. Industries attends.
  • Shane Cossette - C.O.O.Shane Cossette - C.O.O. ShaneC@trsindustries.comShane started working at T.R.S. Industries in 1985. He's worked in every area of production and is now Chief Operating Officer.
  • Bob Cossette - Parts ManagerBob Cossette - Parts Manager BobC@trsindustries.comBob has worked for T.R.S. Industries since 1995. He works with all the manual and electric parts. He also manages the shipping and receiving.
  • Deb Braunberger - Tarp SpecialistDeb Braunberger - Tarp Specialist DebB@trsindustries.comDeb has worked for T.R.S. Industries since 2003. She works in sales with tarps, tarp systems and electric tarp systems.
  • Brandon Cossette - Custom Sales SpecialistBrandon Cossette - Custom Sales Specialist BrandonC@trsindustries.comBrandon started working at T.R.S. Industries, Inc. in 2007. He's worked in every area of manufacturing and is now the Custom Sales Specialist.
  • Shawn Gebro - Shop ManagerShawn Gebro - Shop Manager ShawnG@trsindustries.comShawn started working at T.R.S. Industries September of 2006. He manages the installation shop and metal fabrication.